Leakwise Oil-on-Water Detection and monitoring systems


Leakwise is a system of detection and monitoring for hydrocarbons on water, which will rapidly and reliably alarm in case of a spill, and can be used to control valves or pumps to prevent contaminated water discharge.


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The Leakwise floating sensors measure the difference in absorption rates of high frequency electromagnetic energy between hydrocarbons (and other organic solvents) and water. Unlike optical and traditional electric conductivity and capacitance detection, this technology enables reliable detection regardless of level changes, waves, process upsets, oil & dirt coating, changes in water temperature, salinity, etc. The Leakwise detection systems are unique in their capability to detect the presence of very small layers of contaminating hydrocarbons starting from 0.3 mm, and to continuously monitor the growing thickness of these layers.




The Leakwise Product Line is a family of six electromagnetic energy absorption sensors and signal processors. Different sensors are offered for the different applications which may be in tanks, ponds, lakes, outfalls or in open water. Communication back to the control unit is by hard wiring or radio, and only the control unit is powered. Systems are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous areas. Various options for turbulent water, different water depth variations, oil thickness measurement.




Leak detection from above ground and underground storage tanks and pipelines. Monitoring of oil on groundwater, storm water, sea water, waste water, cooling water, boiler condensate. Monitoring and control of water treatment systems and skim control in oil/water separators. Monitoring & control of groundwater remediation systems. Alarm on upsets in treatment of oily water by monitoring inlet and discharge of oil/water separators.


The sensors are easy to install with only a three core IS cable back to the control unit which is powered and has alarm outputs, and can be connected to a site control system.




Oil Refineries, Oil Terminals & Pipelines, Petrochemical Industries, Hydropower Plants, Fossil Power Plants, Transformer Sub-stations, Groundwater Clean-up and remediation consultants & contractors.


Following are some leading Leakwise users: Arco, Esso, Exxon, Shell, Citgo, Chevron, Dow Chemicals, Du Pont, Pacific Gas & Electric, RZA Agra, Ontario Hydro, BC Hydro, Transmountain Pipeline, Pemex, Haindl Papier, Hoechst, NWO, Veba, Enel, Siot Tank-Farm, EDF, Orly Airport, Chinese Petroleum, Corporation, Taiwan Power, Sydney Airport, Qantas, Mobile, etc.



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