Transformer Oil Containment Bunds


GMT/Akhelec specialise in the field of oil retention bund tanks for power transformers.


The range of products includes bunding for indoor and outdoor transformers, for new installations and for retrofit, and also for transport and for storage.


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Transformer Oil Containment Bund Tanks


The product range includes both painted and galvanised steel metallic tanks for both new installations and retro-fit situations. For new installations the tanks are in one piece, completely factory built and tested, designed for the specific transformer oil volume, to contain at least 110 percent of the oil. Retro fit tanks are designed and supplied in several parts: a base plate which must be slid under the transformer (which needs to be lifted a few cms) and fitted with stud bolts; the sides are then bolted on using pre-formed silicon seals to form a complete durable tank. Bund tanks can be supplied for distribution transformers of all sizes.


Temporary Bunds


Flexible plastic tanks are offered for temporary transformer storage, which may be weeks during removal work or a few years. These are again factory tested and supplied on pallets complete with ground sheets and metal support frame. Installation is quick and simple and usually completed in half a day. They can be supplied for up to 100 000 litres of oil or more, over 20 metres x 10 metres in size with wall heights of up to a metre.


All these tanks can be fitted with siphons to prevent overflowing, drain valves, and the unique transformer bund rainwater drainage system. The system will keep the bund free of rainwater and ensure that water discharged contains less than 1 ppm of oil, far better than a class 1 interceptor or a pumped system and far lower maintenance.


Fire Suppressing Transformer Containment Bunds


Tanks can be designed equipped with a patented fire suppressing system of metal baffles across the top which will eliminate traditional systems such as pebble beds which become polluted and are not particularly effective and also take up part of the bund containment volume. The system of baffles can also be fitted to existing concrete bunds when renovating them to provide this better fire suppression. The metal baffles are close spaced but will allow liquid through so that oil and rainwater can run into the tank, but in case of a fire the close spacing means that insufficient air penetrates and oxygen depletion occurs causing the fire to suffocate and extinguish.


This system has been tested at CNPP the French national Fire Prevention and Protection Centre, witnessed by TuV Rheinland. Videos of testing are available. Various different leak rates and sizes were tested with the fire extinguishing in less than 3 minutes, providing a real improvement in safety. No deformation of the metal parts was detected in either complete metal tanks or the system of baffles across a concrete bund.


Systems are completely designed and produced by GMT/Akhelec. Complete metal versions are factory leak tested and individually numbered. They can be supplied for all sizes of distribution transformers and for larger transformers up to 140 tons or more. For these larger sizes the tank is made is several sections bolted together on site. Retro-fit systems for concrete bunds are pre-fabricated after a site survey, and can be installed by our contractors or under Akhelec supervision. These systems are all EDF approved. GMT/Akhelec is ISO 9001:2008 approved and has supplied EDF for over ten years in France, some 10 000 tanks having been installed for this client. Numerous transformer supply companies such as Areva, ABB and Schneider use GMT/Akhelec tanks.


The fire suppressing tank range can be equipped with rainwater filtering and drainage units for outdoor use:


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