Workglop® pollution cleanup workboats for offshore use


The Workglop® range (10.8 to 13.5 meters) provides wind farm and offshore platform support as well as pollution clean up, with its deck crane, load carrying and towing capability and the ability to work autonomously for extended periods.

The vessels, built entirely out of aluminium, combine traditional workboat qualities and with the pollution control capability of the Cataglop® range with its integrated system for collecting floating waste, solid or liquid.

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WORKGLOP® 106 / 117 are Bureau Veritas approved.


WORKGLOP® 106 /117 are compliant with the stability criteria given for a 48 knot wind and the corresponding sea state.


The stability of our vessels is characterised by a very high righting moment at small heel angles and normal at higher heel angles The free surface in between the hulls is taken into account in stability calculations.


WORKGLOP® 128 is Bureau Veritas classified (optional for WG117).


WORKGLOP® 128 is compliant with the stability criteria given for a 54 knot wind and the corresponding sea state.

• “Maltese Cross” for the hull (scantling and stability)

• “Machinery Dot” (reliability and safety of the engine, electricity and hydraulics)

• “Oil Recovery Ship” service. This classification shows that WORKGLOP® 128 is able to collect hydrocarbons in a safe manner for both the crew and the ship equipment.


Propulsion is provided by twin 260 HP Volvo Penta engines in the 13.5 metre WG128 giving a cruising speed of 12 knots.


WG117 is fitted with twin 160 HP Volvo engines and the slightly smaller WG106 has twin 110 HP engines. All the boats have an auxiliary engine to power the hydraulic systems including the oil recovery suction turbine.


The Workglop® is fitted with a deck crane to facilitate load handling and for unloading the solid waste skip.


Internal oil recovered oil storage is provided onboard along with a solid waste skip, in addition the Workglop® is able to tow flexible storage tanks up to 50m3 (WG128)


Ecoceane boats have a patented oil separation system. The surface layer carrying floating waste and hydrocarbons is first passed through a wire mesh basket to collect floating debris. The basket is emptied into a storage container on deck. The hydrocarbons are captured by an integrated oil interceptor and stored. The cleaned surface water is discharged at the stern.


All boats in the Workglop® range are supplied fully fitted out with navaids, VHF, echosounder. We ensure that our boats meet all the necessary local requirements for certification.


  Workglop WG106  Workglop WG117  Workglop WG128 
Length OA  10.8 m  12.1 m  13.5 m 
Beam OA  4.0 m  4.5 m  5.0 m 
Unladen Draught  1.40 m  1.50 m  1.70 m 
Unladen Weight  9 tonnes  15 tonnes  19 tonnes 
Engines  2 x 110 HP + Turbine  2 x 160 HP + Turbine  2 x 260 HP + Turbine 
Displacement speed  9 knots  10 knots  12 knots 
Working speed  2.5 knots to Force 4  2.5 knots to Force 4  4 knots to Force 5 
Cleaned Surface/hour  >18,000 m2  >20,000 m2  >27,000 m2 
Oil storage capacity  5 m3  7 m3  8 m3 
Transfer Pump capacity  40 m3/hr  60 m3/hr  80 m3/hr 
Payload  2 tonnes  2.5 tonnes  5 tonnes 
Bollard Pull  2 tonnes  3 tonnes  5 tonnes 
Generators  80kW  110kW  130kW 
Deck Crane  2t/m  2.7t/m  3.5t/m 
Floating Tanks  optional 20 m3  optional 50 m3  optional 100 m3 
Navigation Notations (IACS)  Unrestricted  Unrestricted  Unrestricted 


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