The Spillglop® anti-pollution vessels radically change the way oil spills are recovered at sea.


The Ecoceane system recovers oil from the sea efficiently without further emulsification.


Spillglop® can work efficiently up to force 5 and with clean up rate 100 m3/hr.


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Designed to meet the requirements of the MCA MGN 280 Workboat regulations (Category 1) the Spillglop® is able to work up to 150 miles from a safe haven.


Propulsion is provided by twin 700hp engines in the Spillglop® (SG-250) with a cruising speed of 15 knots. Catamar® (SG-180) has twin 300hp engines and a cruising speed of 9 knots.


The Spillglop® is fitted with 10t/m and 30t/m cranes (3t/m and 10t/m in Catamar®)


Internal oil recovered oil storage of up to 120m3 is provided onboard. This can be supplemented with a custom designed bunker barge.


Ecoceane boats have a patented oil separation system which recovers oil without causing further emulsification.


The bow collecting system is able to recover oil in heavy seas (up to Beaufort force 3). The surface layer carrying floating waste and hydrocarbons is first passed through a wire mesh basket to collect floating debris. The basket is emptied into a storage container on deck. The hydrocarbons are captured by an integrated oil interceptor and stored, the cleaned surface water is discharged at the stern.


The Spillglop® vessels are equipped for working in hazardous atmospheres and may be fitted with foam and absorbent delivery systems. Vessels have transfer pumps for loading recovered oil into barges or floating tanks.


  Spillglop SP250  Catamar P SP180 
Length OA  25.00 m  18.00 m 
Beam OA  7 m  7 m 
Unloaded draught  3.00 m  3.20 m 
Light displacement  70 tonnes  55 tonnes 
Engines  2 x 750 HP  2 x 300 HP 
Cruising speed  15 knots  9 knots 
Working speed  5 knots  4 knots 
Cleaned Surface/hour  50,000 m2  40,000 m2 
Oil storage capacity  120 m3  50 m3 
Payload  30 tonne  10 tonne 
Telescopic crane capacity  10t/m + 30t/m  3t/m + 10t/m 
Transfer pump  100 m3/h  100 m3/h 
Fire fighting   yes  yes 


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