Cataglop® fully integrated pollution control boats

Cataglop boats are versatile multi-purpose boats for cleaning both hydrocarbon spills and solid waste from canals, harbours, inland and sheltered waters.


A range of sizes and engine options, Cataglop® boats can be configured to suit customer requirements.

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Cataglop® CG66 is a fully integrated pollution control boat designed to be easily launched and recovered from a slipway.


Cataglop® CG83 is designed for rapid deployment out of port areas and has a cruising speed of up to 19 knots.


Cataglop® CG92 is a versatile barge for large expanses of water and has increased hydrocarbon storage capacity.


Designed to meet the requirements of the MCA MGN 280 Workboat regulations, Cataglop® boats are suitable for inland waterways, harbours and estuaries.


All Cataglop® workboats are fully integrated pollution control boats with a patented system which draws floating debris and oil from inaccessible and hard to reach areas between moored boats and under pontoons.


The surface layer carrying floating waste and hydrocarbons is first passed through a mesh basket to collect floating debris. The basket is emptied into a storage container on deck. The hydrocarbons are captured by an integrated oil interceptor and stored. The cleaned surface water is discharged at the stern.


Internal recovered oil storage is provided onboard along with a solid waste skip, in addition the Cataglop® CG66, CG83 & CG92 are able to tow flexible storage tanks.


Propulsion is provided by reliable Volvo inboard or Honda petrol 4 stroke outboard engines. All Ecoceane boats are supplied fully equipped and ready to work.


  Cataglop CG66  CG83/50   CG83/225  Cataglop CG92 
Length OA  5.9 m  7.8 m  9.2 m 
Beam OA  2.2 m  2.32 m  2.4 m 
Draft in forward recovery  0.62 m  0.53 m  0.85 m 
Unladen Weight  1,400 kg  2,400 kg/2600kg 3,000 kg 
Payload  500 kg  800 kg  1,200 kg 
Engines  50 HP Petrol  50 HP Petrol/225 HP Petrol 75 HP Diesel IB 
Displacement speed  8 knots  6 knots/19 knots 7 knots 
Working speed  2 knots  2.5 knots  2 knots 
Cleaned Surface/hr with arms (hydrocarbons)  5,500 m2  6,500 m2/10,000m2 14,000 m2 
Oil storage capacity  1.0 m3 (1,000L)  1.2 m3 (1,200L)  4.0 m3 (4,000L) 
Launching  Slipway/Crane  Slipway/Crane  Crane 
Road Trailer  Yes (option)  Yes (option)  Yes (option) 
Fire Monitor  optional  Yes  Yes 
Grey water recovery   Yes (option)  Yes (option)  Yes (option) 
Weed Cutting  Yes (option)  Yes (option)  Yes (option) 


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