We represent the Flexi-France division of Technip in the UK and Ireland, manufacturers of the Coflexip brand of flexible steel pipes for floating roof oil storage tanks:


Coflexip drain pipes, suction and skimmer lines, and rim seal fire protection systems



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Coflexip is the world leader in the production of high pressure flexible pipes for deep water oil production installations and high pressure applications in the drilling industry. This experience and expertise has lead to the production of a range of pipes for the petrochemical industry.


Coflexip flexible steel drain pipes

Coflexip flexible steel pipe for the petrochemical and refining industry has an articulated carcass of spiral wound stainless steel covered by an outer thermoplastic sheath. The inner carcass flexes, but it will not kink or collapse. The internal diameter maintains its integrity. The outer thermoplastic sheath is extruded over the pipe, making it completely leakproof and resistant to most chemicals (even octane additives – MTBE – and 100% aromatics). Coflexip’s unique flexible steel pipe eliminates many problems common to rubber hoses or pipes with swivels, making it an excellent solution for roof drains, skimmer and suction lines, and rim seal fire protection systems.


The flexibles, as part of a fully engineered system, are installed in one continuous length, without ballasting or other compensation devices. Unlike other systems, there are no intermediate couplings or swivel connections to assemble or maintain.


The Coflexip flexible pipe will never interfere with equipment inside the tank even with the roof in its lowest position. Even though it flexes freely, the flexible pipe will lay on the tank floor in the same position and pattern. This lay pattern is custom engineered for each tank and verified with the customer’s tank specifications in scale model or computer tests.


To view a typical Coflexip drain installation drawing click here.


There are over 8000 Coflexip flexible steel pipes installed around the world as Drain pipes in floating roof storage tanks. These pipes have the longest lifetime of any product for this application. For further technical details, prices, and delivery information, please contact us.


Skimmer and Suction lines for floating or fixed roof tanks.


Many storage tanks which service the petrochemical, refining, utility, fertiliser and aviation markets utilise a skimmer or suction line. This enables the operator to draw product from the upper liquid levels in order to reduce carryover of particles, water or other contaminates in the product.


Coflexip’s standard drain pipe structure possesses the same advantages for this application as it does with respect to the drain system. It can be used with floating roofs and with cone roofs with centre support columns. The Coflexip solution solves the inherent problems experienced with rubber hoses or articulated rigid pipe systems. Coflexip suction lines have been installed worldwide.


Rim Seal Fire Protection


The Coflexip rim fire protection system dramatically changes the way rim fires are extinguished in floating roof tanks.


Until now, the most common method utilised a stand pipe system which has to deliver an extremely large volume of foam before the rim is covered, especially when the roof is in a mid to low position. In fact, in windy conditions much of the foam may be lost and never serve to quench the fire.


The Coflexip system speeds fire extinguishing foam through a flexible in the centre of the tank and out to the tank rim. Even if the floating roof is at its lowest point, the foam reaches the rim rapidly.


In the Coflexip system, the foam travels through the flexible pipe and exits at the seal rim of the floating roof, precisely where the fire is located, thus rapidly flooding the seal rim area and quickly extinguishing the flames.


It takes just 3 minutes from hook up to fill the seal area full of foam! Numerous tests have been carried out, and this is typical data. The actual time for your tank is calculated by Coflexip and is part of the standard design package. Ask for more details and our video.


The system can be adapted to tanks with internal floating roofs. Here the main advantage is increased yield for the tank as the fixed foam chambers on the tank shell are eliminated. With the Coflexip system you have an efficient, cost effective, and safety orientated system. NFPA 11 and API compliant. Recommended as the only efficient system in a study on tank fires in Kuwait after the Gulf war. Easy to equip the same tank with both a Coflexip drain pipe and foam line.


Flexible Steel Decoking Lines

Coflexip Decoking Structure


Coflexip 5000 psi working pressure flexible steel pipes for decoking systems provide longer life, durability and flexibility not found in rubber hoses. This type of Coflexip pipe uses the structure of the high pressure lines supplied in large numbers for drilling rig applications by all the major drilling companies, which can be supplied up to 15 000 psi working pressure.


This suction line has many benefits: no torsional movement under pressure; abrasion resistant outer stainless steel jacket giving maintenance free operation; lighter per foot and smaller O.D. than comparable rubber hoses; no dimensional changes under pressure; Rilsan (nylon 11) liner will not wear by erosion or deteriorate chemically due to H2S or coke fines in the recycling water; longer operational life. This is just one application where high abrasion resistance, high working pressure, and flexible pipe are required, for which Coflexip pipe provides the best, most robust and cost effective solution.


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